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Maternity Photoshoot Ideas [18 Ways To Capture The Best Shots]

Shout out to all the moms-to-be because we have come up with 18 maternity photoshoot ideas you can choose from to capture the beauty of your pregnancy journey.

As exciting as a maternity photoshoot may sound, wait till you are at least 28 weeks pregnant so that the belly bump is prominent. But do not leave it beyond 36 weeks, as you will be approaching your due date.

Keep reading to find out how to take the perfect picture indoors or outdoors. Also, get to know what color you should wear to a maternity shoot, how you should pose, and more. 

18 Maternity Photography Ideas

Check out our 18 maternity photo ideas and decide how you want to create unique and memorable snaps.

1.Black & White Maternity Photoshoot

Black and white photos are a classic way to snap baby bump pictures. Since black and white photos highlight the shape and natural lines of the body, they are perfect for expectant mothers. Take photos in a neutral, simple, or natural light background to create the best impact.

When choosing your outfit, wear something light or dark, as neutral colors tend to create dull gray tones, making photos look faded. You can always wear a black or white maxi dress made of satin to get that perfect color contrast. But use only a few patterns or textures, as the photo may look clumsy. 


2.  Water Photoshoot

If you want your photos to be unique, go for water photography. But do make sure you know how to swim, as this maternity shoot idea will require you to move across the water, experiment with different angles, or even use props to make the photos more creative.

The photo shoot can be done in the garden, in a bathtub, or on a beach. But be careful, as staying in the water for too long may cause you to catch a cold.

3. Nature-Inspired Photoshoot 

A nature-based photoshoot can be done both indoors and outdoors. You can create unique backgrounds and poses to show your pregnancy at home. But it’s always best to have some natural light inside for beautiful effects. 

Flowers and plants create an outdoor garden effect. Or even take the help of rainbow umbrellas to make it look like you are outside on a sunny day. Whatever you do, ensure the main focus stays on your pregnant belly.

4. Photoshoot Using Baby Shoes or Accessories

You can create the cutest photos with the help of your upcoming baby’s shoes or accessories. Simply position your baby’s tiny shoes on your baby bump or even hold up ultrasound images to create the most memorable pictures.

Baby toys and outfits that you have bought for your upcoming baby can be incorporated into the photo shoot to capture your excitement and emotions.The pictures can be taken indoors and outdoors, providing the background is suitable.

5. Silhouette Shots

Silhouette shots require the technique of using different angles and lights to capture pictures of a baby bump from a profile view. It is advisable to take these shots outdoors with a colorful backdrop or when the sunset to get the best effect.

You should stand sideways and keep one leg crossed over the other to create a beautiful silhouette shot. Make sure not to look into the camera but instead focus on a bright background, resulting in images focusing on the silhouette. 

6. The Family Portrait

A family portrait is a fun way to involve your kids and partner to capture the excitement of preparing for a new family member. 

You can take photos in your garden under natural light for the best visual effects. Get your elder children involved as much as you can in the shots. A beautiful pose would be having them cuddle you or touch the baby bump, creating a heartwarming effect.

Another idea is to tell your partner to hold you from the back while your little one kisses your baby bump. Or you can all dress up in matching outfits that include a welcome note for the baby, such as, ‘can’t wait to meet you’ with the arrival date. 

Let the kids take a few single shots so they don’t feel left out thinking that all the attention is being given to their future sibling. But whatever you choose, the main aim is to create photos that show love and warmth between all the family members.

7. Studio Maternity Photoshoot

The advantage of considering studio maternity photoshoot ideas is that you have the opportunity to change outfits for a variation of photographs. Plus, you don’t have to think about weather conditions, especially if your final weeks of pregnancy are in winter, as you will be taking snaps inside the studio.

Most of all, you have all the privacy you want inside a studio without having to worry about passers-by giving you strange looks. You can relax, enjoy, and even take revealing photos of that baby bump inside a studio or dress however you want with your chosen background.

8. Couple Maternity Photoshoot 

When it comes to the arrival of a baby, the daddies are just as excited as the mommies. You can hold the baby bump or get your partner to kiss your belly and take a few snaps. Hold hands and look into each other’s eyes for an intimate shot. Or get hold of your baby’s ultrasound picture, hold it on your belly bump, and have your partner point at it.

But nothing beats making each other laugh and smiling at each other during a photoshoot to capture the happiness of pregnancy.

9. Disney Princess Maternity Shoot 

There are a number of Disney Princess maternity photography ideas, such as dressing up as Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, or any other character. Ensure you have the outfit you feel comfortable in and accessories to complete the look. 

Image: @sweetserenityphotos

18. Belly Painting Maternity Photoshoot

A painted belly maternity shoot is a unique way of showing off your baby bump; the best time to do it is in your third trimester. Artists use non-toxic cosmetic paints that are totally safe to create designs such as cartoons, flowers, animals, underwater scenes, or whatever you wish to have painted. 

You need the right outfit to pull off your belly and make it stand out by choosing from gowns, robes, skirts, or any outfit that will create the perfect pictures.

Image: Bodypainting and Fine Art by Lana Chromium

  1. Maternity Shoot Showing Progress Of The Baby Bump

Capturing the progression of your baby bump is a very creative idea that you can look back on after the birth of your child and see how your baby bump grew throughout the pregnancy journey.

Choose a specific location where you will pose every month at different angles to take snaps of your growing belly. Wear black leggings and a white tank top during the shoots, which will help create the most stunning visual effects.

12. Balloon-Filled Maternity Shoot

Balloons are a creative way to add more color and excitement to your maternity photoshoot indoors and outdoors. You can decorate your backdrop with balloons. 

Or simply have fun by playing with different-sized balloons of colors that complement your attire. If you have older children, ask them to join you in the balloon-filled shoot, which will be anything but boring.

13. Maternity Shoot With Pets

Pets can be involved in your maternity shoot to create the most adorable and cuddly pictures. You and your furry friend can lie on the grass together or play ball while the photographer clicks away.

But do make sure your pet is well-behaved and carry some treats just in case it gets hungry.

14. Milk Bath 

Milk Baths are the latest trend for maternity shoots, which you have to do. Most of the photographers can help you execute the idea of a milk bath.

Or just fill the tub with warm water until it reaches your required depth, and then gradually start pouring milk. The more milk you add, the thicker the bath becomes. Once inside the tub, add flowers to your milk bath to capture the most unique and relaxing photos.

15. Boudoir Maternity Photo Shoot  

A boudoir photoshoot is not for everyone as it requires wearing mostly lingerie or even getting fully undressed to create sexy images. This style of photography allows pregnant mothers to show the beauty of how a body changes during pregnancy.

Boudoir photoshoots don’t always need to be so revealing. You can use sheer fabrics to focus on the baby bump, add flowers to create a more girly atmosphere, or even drape your whole body in delicate fabric and pose on the bed or wherever you are comfortable.

  1. Maternity Shoot Reflection Shots

Reflection shots will add that extra creativity to your maternity photoshoot. Using a reflective surface such as water, a mirror, or any other, the photographer can beautifully capture your baby bump and its surroundings.

Use a full-length mirror if you want to work with mirror images. You can always head off to the nearby swimming pool or lake to take water reflection shots. Lastly, a big window or clear glass can also be used for reflection shots. 

17. Funny Maternity Shoot

A funny maternity shoot can involve both parents making funny faces. Get your husband to show off his belly bump standing beside you and have two bellies captured in one pic. 

Expose your pregnancy cravings in a maternity photoshoot by getting all that junk food and posing while eating it. Another idea is to stand in front of a dark background, make a tired facial expression, and then hold a sign that reads ‘Pregnant AF’ to show your feelings.

18. Gender Reveal Maternity Shoot

Combine your maternity shoot with a gender reveal where you can have all your friends and family involved. Tell your loved ones the arrangement you wish to have for the maternity shoot, which could be blue/ pink smoke, blue/pink balloons, or even a cake that is blue/pink inside to reveal the gender of your baby.


1.What is the ideal month for a pregnancy photoshoot?

The 7th or 8th month of pregnancy is the best time for a pregnancy photo shoot, as your belly will be fairly big.


  1. Why is it important to have a maternity shoot?

To hold onto the emotions you went through on your pregnancy journey, it’s always a good idea to arrange a maternity shoot and involve as many people as you can.


  1. What should I wear for my maternity photoshoot?

Avoid bright colors with big prints, patterns, and writing. Go for light or dark solid colors to create the perfect photos.

Conclusion: Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Whether you want solo baby bump shots or with your partner and elder kids, we have discussed 18 maternity photoshoot ideas you can consider. These can be done indoors, outdoors, in studios, or underwater. Gather what you need, tell your photographer exactly what you want, and start making beautiful memories.

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