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1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home?

A baby’s presence brings the most excitement to the family because its giggle is the most loving thing in the world. Likewise, the tiny body, chipmunk chins, and smile during sleeping fill the heart with joy. However, the parents also want to capture the adorable moments differently to remind them in the future. Therefore, nowadays, the popularity of newborn photography has increased.

Are you looking for 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home? Today, I will share creative and unique 1 month baby photoshoot ideas at home from where you can take inspiration and create a great memory for your baby.


What is Newborn Photography?

Photography is an art, and newborn photography is one of its genres that concentrates on photographing newborn babies. However, it is the only photography area where the photographer has to focus on the main subject’s safety while photographing.

It is also more challenging than any other kind of photography because the main subject is a newborn baby who can not pose according to instructions. So instead, the photographer has to capture a photo while the baby gives an appropriate expression. Therefore, the baby is the boss of the projection.

The best time for newborn photography is the 2nd week when the baby is tiny and new. Are you wondering if it’s late to do newborn photography for your 1-month baby? Of course, it’s not late if you couldn’t do it on time because you couldn’t get the schedule or the baby was in NICU. Still, you can take beautiful, adorable, and cherished photos of your baby. Professional newborn photography delivers excellent and lovely baby pictures that will last a lifetime.


What is Newborn Photography


Importance of Baby Photoshoot

Photo acts as the bridge between present and future by creating a memory of our lives. Therefore, a newborn also deserves a baby photoshoot to see sweet memories of infancy. Moreover, the parents also can look back on precious memories through the photos of the baby photoshoot. Let’s know some importance of baby photoshoot:


Preserve Adorable Memory:


Importance of Baby Photoshoot

Imagine the scenery of the baby holding your fingers with tiny hands. Isn’t it adorable? Through the baby photoshoot, you can frame such beautiful memories forever as kissing the baby’s forehead, tickling her hand, or playing with the baby. It is one of the reasons why newborn photography is essential.

A Treasure for Adulthood:


A Treasure for Adulthood


Babies grow fast! Therefore, the baby photo shoot is an ideal way to keep the cute memories that will cherish the baby when they reach adulthood. It will be a treasure for them to remember their infancy.

Way of Showing Love:


Way of Showing Love


You will have an excellent memory to show your child by doing a baby photoshoot. Through the photos, they will see how adorable they were during diaper days, and these photos will make them happy to believe in your love for them. Moreover, they will appraise your effort in maintaining priceless memory.

Way to Show New Addition:

Way to Show New Addition

A newborn baby is a new member added to the family. The baby brings excitement and joy to the family members. You can show enthusiasm and the latest addition by doing the baby photoshoot.

Celebrate the Baby’s Birth:


Celebrate the Baby's Birth

Every parent becomes excited about having a baby. The delivery is a grand celebration for the mother because she tolerates the pain for nine months. Therefore, the baby photoshoot is an excellent way for the mother to celebrate the occasion.


Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer?

Doing newborn photography is challenging; the photographer needs to handle the baby, ensuring safety. Also, the photographer can’t instruct the baby to pose. Of course, you can do it as iPhone Photography, but to get the best result, you should get in touch with a professional newborn photographer. Here are more reasons why you should hire a professional newborn photographer:


  • Professional photographers are skilled in photography and invest in sophisticated equipment and lighting systems to ensure amazing photos.
  • A professional photographer can ensure the perfect capture of the special moment.
  • Photography is an art, and the professionals are the artists to create extraordinary artwork for your baby. Their expertise and experience will offer you creative snaps of your newborn baby.
  • If you do newborn photography personally, what if you lose that data? A professional photographer always keeps backups. They can give you the shots again if you lose them. Therefore, hiring a professional can provide peace of mind for not losing the picture.


Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer


Tips for Successful 1 Month Baby Photoshoot  At Home


In a newborn photoshoot, a photographer needs to think about multiple things at a time. He must consider the baby’s safety, pose, composition, lighting, and exposure. Besides the things mentioned, the baby is the most unpredictable thing the photographer needs to control. Here are some tips you can apply to accomplish a successful 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home:

Pre-schedule the Session: Newborn photography is a popular and most demanding session nowadays. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss the session, book a schedule for the session in advance. It will help you get the photographer as well as prepare for the photography.

Create a Checklist for Stuff: If you want to do newborn photography by yourself, you should create a checklist containing the names of essential things for the photography and arrange in a bag. It will help you not miss any items. The list can include the following:

  • Camera with a backup
  • Memory cards
  • Tripod or stand for a steady photo
  • Beanbag or basket for the newborn
  • Different props like wraps, toys, balloons, pillows, flowers etc.
  • Furry blanket for the background
  • Napkins and required dresses


●	Napkins and required dresses


Prepare the Baby:


For a successful 1 Month Baby Photoshoot at Home, you should prepare the baby before the photo session. It will help you avoid the hassle and save time capturing amazing photos. For example,  while sleeping, you can grab perfect pictures of the baby in any pose you like. So, keep your baby awake before the session to get them to sleep during the photo session.


Prepare the Baby


Feed Before Session:

Do you know the newborns are the starving creatures on Earth? Their language to sign hunger is crying. So to avoid disruption in photography, avoid giving the full meal one or two hours before the session. Instead, provide a full meal before the session to expect a happy baby.


Make the Baby Smile:

Even an infant holds mood and personality. But they are not always ready to pose for the camera with a smile. You can’t instruct them to smile by saying, “Cheese!”. Then what can you do to make them smile for the picture? You can try the below tactics to make them smile for the baby photoshoot:


  • Create humorous sounds
  • Bond your tongue
  • Wriggle your ears and nose
  • Wink your eyes to make a funny face
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Trickle the newborn

Use Props:

Props create interest and complete a story of a picture. You probably have heard about using props for birthday photoshoots like 30th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas. However, you also can use different props for implementing 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home.

Bright and colorful toys, bean bags, headbands, hats, dolls, flowers, etc. are good examples of props you can use for your 1 Month baby photoshoot at home. These will help get the baby’s attention and make the photo good-looking. Such props will create an environment for photography too.

However, you might be confused about using many props, and to avoid the mess, you can make a plan before the session.


Use Light Properly:

In any photography, product, or portrait, light is an essential part. Proper lighting can create a masterpiece, whereas improper lighting can break it. So, use Light properly in your 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home. Therefore, check the place at home where and at which time you can get the perfect daylight. However, you can use white curtains or bedsheets to manage the Light appropriately.


Apply Rule of Thirds:

Do you know about the Rule of Thirds in Photography? It’s a magical strategy to arrange the composition of the photo appropriately. For example, when capturing a newborn baby, you should apply the third rule to create a stunning image.  


Photo Post-Production:

Every photographer retouches their photos to ensure flawless images. So, after capturing pictures, you should revise your photos using a photo post-production service. Cut Out Image is a photo editing company providing services globally. You can keep in touch with their experts to make your baby’s photos perfect and beautiful.


1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Though a baby photoshoot is challenging, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get your toddler’s best photo to frame it forever. Proper planning is an essential thing that you need most. Remember, an hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing. However, you can do your 1 month baby’s photoshoot at home using your phone or DSLR camera. So, here I am sharing a bunch of 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas that you can try at home. So, let’s go to the details:

Shoot Close-up view:

A close-up view can help capture tiny details. You can apply the idea of capturing your 1 month baby’s fingers, toes, legs, smiles, and even facial expressions. It is one of the trendy 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home. The nap time is the best for such photography when the baby stays steady to cooperate with you.


Baby with Father:

Both father and mother love the baby. Though the father gets less chance, you can capture the beautiful moment of father and baby as one of the 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home. This photo will create a feeling reflecting the bond between the father and the baby. Such an image will make the baby happy when he grows up.


Mother and baby:

A mother loves her baby more than her life. So, you can frame the lovely moment of the mom and baby as an idea for a 1 Month Baby Photoshoot. It will serve as the document for the life journey together. Try to capture this as a candid that will bring natural expression.


Pose like a Frog:

One of the most traditional ideas for a 1 month baby photoshoot at home is capturing the baby like a frog. You can google to know about the details of the pose since it has become so trendy. Here the baby keeps the chin on hands resting on the body. It’s a stylish idea but contains little concern for the baby’s safety.


Burrito pose:

The burrito pose is a cute photography idea for your 1 month baby. To do this, you must wrap your baby with a towel, swaddle, or soft blanket. You can keep the hands in or out of the blanket. First, make sure your baby is comfortable with this experiment. Then capture photos from different angles.


With Siblings:

If you have one more baby older than the 1 month baby, include them in your 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home to create a heartwarming memory. The sibling kissing, playing, or sleeping with the toddler will make a great memory. It can be more dramatic if both wear a similar dress. Try to capture actual interactions.


Napping Baby:

Though baby photoshoots are challenging for their unpredictable moving nature, it is pretty easy to photograph a newborn baby while sleeping. During sleeping, he remains steady, and you can capture as many pictures as you want with any themed background. Besides, while napping, the baby looks more adorable, and sometimes their smile during sleep brings joy to your heart.


Capture Yawning Moment:

We all know that a newborn baby sleeps almost all the time during the day and often yawns. So, it is an easy and adorable idea to frame the yawning moment of the little face.


Don’t miss to include it in your 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home. You also can capture the moment when the baby winks the eye while yawning. It looks both funny and adorable.


Baby in a Basket:

A baby is a gift from God. So, why shouldn’t you capture your baby in a gift hamper basket? Then, use the gift hamper basket to make out the idea. If you don’t have a gift hamper basket, you can use a bread basket, wooden box, or ancient trunk. First, make sure the basket size is suitable for your baby and fill it with a soft blanket so that your baby feels comfortable. Then, put your baby in it to capture the photo. You also can use a few more soft toys as props.



The photos with Achromatic colors are aesthetic, and you can apply this for your 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home. Such colorless black and white images are simple and stunning.


Show the age:

One of the best ideas for your 1 month baby photoshoot is to show the age. You can do it in several ways, like writing with crayons on a blackboard. Don’t forget to use pink crayons for baby girls and blue for baby boys. Also, make sure the blackboard size doesn’t distract the view from the baby and use a neutral backdrop to make the caption readable.


You can also use a numbered balloon that will make your toddler busy. Finally, try a contrasting color balloon to be easily visible against a background.

Alternatively, you can show the age creatively using cotton, pizza, toys etc. For example, arrange cotton to make the number or keep a piece of pizza slice indicating 1. You also can set the clock showing 1 indicating age.


Sweetness on photography:

Add some sweetness to your baby’s 1 month photography by placing a small sweet cake indicating the number 1. It is a creative and easy idea for 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home. You can bake it by yourself or order from outside.


Capture Basket With a Balloon:

You can add a balloon to the basket showing the number of the month. To execute this idea, prepare a basket with a blanket and let your toddler sleep on it. Then add a balloon and capture the picture.


Capture the Twin:

This idea is for you if you have a twin. Twin babies are cute and charming. To photograph your 1 month twin babies, dress them in a similar outfit and pick the photo. You can also create a scene showing bonding between them.


Playing with toys:

You can surround your 1 month baby with many toys and capture the moment he is interacting with the toys. It will create an enthusiastic vibe. Try to capture it from a different angle.


Hand in Hand:

It is an excellent idea to capture a family hand photograph. Here you will photograph the hands only where the mother will keep writing on the father’s hand, and the baby will keep the hand on the mother’s hand. This idea will emphasize the symbolic meaning of the baby’s tininess.


Bookworm Infant:

Do you love reading books? It is said that children get habits from their parents. Who knows, the baby will also enjoy reading books like you in the future. So, capture the baby with a book to show him he liked the book at 1 month age too! It’s funny but adorable. It is also a safe prop for 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home.


Click During Shower:

Bath time is a daily occurrence for a newborn, even a 1 month baby. Frame the moment of the shower to keep as a memory. You can add bubbles, duck toys, soap etc., as a prop. Try this since it’s a unique idea.


Themed Photography:

Apply DIY backdrops with a different theme as one of the most creative 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home. This themed photography is across-the-board nowadays. You can create the theme of the sky, sea, Santa Claus etc. To make a sunshine day theme, you can use colorful cardboard to make sun, moon or raindrops. You can use colored bed sheets to make the backdrop and add cotton to create the cloud.


To make a navy theme, place a small boat and put some rug on it, so the baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Sleeping is the best time to capture a photo with such a theme.

Making the Santa clause theme is most accessible. Here you have to dress the baby like Santa Clause and place a hat on the head. You can capture it, keeping him lying on the bed.


The Royal Theme:

Every daughter is a princess to the parents, and the boy is the prince. Show this through your 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home. To implement the idea, dress the baby appropriately with the royal dress and click the picture. Don’t forget to add the crown as royalty.

A newborn baby brings excitement to a family since the member gets a new addition. The infant baby becomes the center of attention for the family member and creates various adorable things while growing up. Therefore, utilize the baby photoshoot to freeze the precious moments as memories. I have shared a bunch of 1 Month Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home that you can apply to create memories with your baby. So, take inspiration to implement the ideas and make a great memory.

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